Black and white portrait of the photographer William Wayland
My name is William Wayland.
I’m a photographer of movement, shadow, and sound. Iconic portraits. Dramatic events and hidden landscapes.
I like to photograph people. I especially like to photograph people playing sports or music because I’m interested in finding the moment of pure expression that athletes and musicians reveal when they’re competing and performing.
I like to photograph places.  Or more accurately, I like to photograph the places between the places that are unseen because we mostly see what’s there and to filter out the static.  I’m interested in the static.
You won’t find a lot of explanation beyond identifying the person or place I photographed.  If my photos are any good you will find some meaning in them. Maybe in a way I didn’t expect or intend.
I hope so.
And thank you for visiting.  There’s no reason to do what I do if not to share with you.
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